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Free To Play on Steam

Ghostly Horizon is a 3rd-Person Spellcaster (shooter) on Spherical Worlds.

Play Solo / Coop / PvP in 5 different gamemodes.

The game is currently released in Early Access on Steam as Free To Play.


Ghostly Horizon is programmed with a fully authoritative server.

The combat sync and client-side prediction is very advanced due to the game featuring slow-moving projectiles traveling in a trajectory that is following the curve of the spherical world.

The game features a server-side ping-compensated hit-detection system.

This allows for great gameplay feel and sync even when EU/NA/Asian players are on the same server.

Movement sync is done with a mix of the players client-side position, client input and server-side position.

The server dictates the final position and will snap the player back to the correct position if the client is too far off.

It's impossible to speed-hack or induce lag to make your character flicker on other players screens.


Proxy players and AIs use advanced Interpolation and Extrapolation for a smooth & accurate client-side prediction.

After Network Optimizations the game can handle at least 64 players on one PvP server or 10 players in Coop with over 100 AIs.

A matchmaker is in place that allows the player to look for an online game and play singleplayer while waiting.

It will automatically join the online game when one is found.

This is a great feature for new games that are building their playerbase from the ground up.


Automatically Scalable Proxy Server

Game Feature

A networking-solution that allows players to host their own game-server on their computer without opening any ports or showing their IP.

Both the game-server and all players connect to the Proxy-Server which then relay all network traffic to the correct players / servers.

The Proxy-Server Solution scales automatically and starts new Proxy-Servers whenever one begins to get full.

Huge Networked Database

Game Feature

Database with over 300 million gameworlds that are stored and synced for a shared world experience in a coop space simulation game.

This allows for a shared world, i.e. if a player builds a space-station that space-station will show up in all other players universe as well.

This allows for a truly immense universe with unique star systems to explore and a world wide lite-MMO (Shared World) where you play coop but in the same universe as everyone else.

Factions, Missions, Player Structures, Trade, etc. will all be synced with every player.

Seed Generation for GameWorlds

Game Feature

Generation of a unique Gameworld from a Seed (a series of letters).

Every player that enter the same seed will get the exact same gameworld generated.

To be used in a coop space simulation game with over 300 million star-systems.

The seed generation dictates everything from where the star-system is located in the universe to what type of a star it is to the types of resources  that are available and the exact location of the asteroids and planets in the star-system.

Web Design and SEO


Web Design and SEO for a company that want to get their revolutionary, safe and ecological disinfectant on the market.

We manage full website control from start to finish.

Personell Management Program

Complete Program

Prototyping a program to manage personell and day-plan for personell at large workplaces like hospitals.